Woven labels

Woven labels are a popular element for marking a wide range of products in many industries. Although they are small details, they have a big impact.

We produce individual orders tailored to your needs. Moreover, we are the only company on the Polish market to manufacture woven labels additionally decorated with printing, embroidery, rhinestones, sequins and pearls. We cut and fold in many ways.

Labels are not only practical, but also add a professional look. It is an integral part of brand identification, which helps build recognition on the market. When you choose our woven labels, you receive high quality manufacturing, as well as access to many techniques.

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Label cutting and folding methods

Leather and eco-leather labels

We produce leather and eco-leather patches made of synthetic and natural leather or washpapa - an eco-friendly paper alternative to animal and artificial materials. They are available in many colors and thicknesses.

Our labels can have different geometric shapes, a wide range of colors, textures and grammages. Thus, we can adjust to diverse needs and preferences.

We decorate with embroidery, rhinestones or pearls. Thanks to our versatility, they are a practical identification element, but also make products different on the market.

etykiety skorzane + dzety

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Printed labels

Printed labels, which are also ideal for marking clothing, advertising gadgets and many other products for various industries, are another addition to our offer.

Printing allows you to achieve expressive designs, vivid colors and precise details on various materials. Our experienced team will advise and help create labels that meet the highest expectations.

The printed labels are decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, sequins or pearls. Adding these small elements makes our products original.

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Engraved labels

Engraved labels are an excellent way to identify your brand and differentiate your products on the market.

We use high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers. Thanks to the laser technology, we precisely engrave the surfaces of labels and cut out any shapes. This guarantees durability and aesthetic appearance.

Engraved labels are a perfect complement to our comprehensive offer of clothing decoration. Thanks to them, a brand can effectively build its recognition, providing a unique and professional look to its products.


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