ASP-Compact (Automatic Sequin Punch press Machine)

ASP-Compact (Automatic Sequin Punch press Machine)


  • ASP series machines are the fastest automatic sequin punch press machines in the market (1000 RPM)
  • User friendly control panel
  • The fully automated system for sequin punching and switching between them.
  • 6 easy to use press units
  • Faster production with multiple heads.


Don’t use pneumatic
ASP -series are using electricity.
Peripheral devices such as air compressor are not required.

Maximum 1,000 RPM
Production will increase from high speed of machine.

6 Colors or Sizes
A SP-series are equipped 6 Press unit.
Using a variety of colors or sizes can make design.
Press Unit of the square shape has been launched.

Easy operation and convenient function
Easy operation of the machine, and has a convenience functions to work.
(Automatic setting to scope of work, OFF-Set & Origin-Set, reverse
& rotary of design etc)

Design format .DST / .DSB / .RST
Provide the design input program. (ASP -Read)
Users can use the design made by embroidery punching program.
Also, Users can use the design made by R-wear Studio.

User friendly control panel
They are equipped with an easy to operate and intuitive control panel .
Custom designs prepared using the supplied software can be quickly loaded into the machine using a USB cable.

Advantages of spangle designs
Spangle designs are airy and have a low weight which noticeably improves the comfort of use. Spangles are durable and can withstand a large number of washes.

ASP Series machines are based on proven components and perfectly folded . Despite the use of cutting edge solutions , this technology has proven its reliability and advanced capabilities . The machines are ready to work out of the box.

Highest quality and guarantee
Each machine is thoroughly checked before delivery to the end customer . We guarantee technical and professional support by our qualified technicians .

Machine features
  • Work space – 430 x 330 mm
  • Head numer – 1 head
  • Memory Capacity – 64,000 Dot / 30 Designs
  • Colors or Sizes – 6 colors or sizes
    2 – 2 – 3 – 3 – 4 – 5 mm
Technical specification
  • Power – single phase 110/230 (50~60 Hz)
  • Dimensions – (W) 1000 / (D) 840 / (H) 750 mm